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Function Statistics
Function: Crash()
Absorbed From: Inherent
Base Damage: 50
Cooldown: 0.45
Charge Time: 0.5
Stamina Cost: 20
Projectiles: 1
Range: 180

Crash is the Function or a combat ability of the character Red, which is already enabled when you start the game.


Crash() is a combat ability used by Red through The Transistor. It is a close-range overhead attack which can be charged for a more powerful strike. It is available from the beginning of the game and appears to be based on Red herself, derived from the voice data that was already transferred into the Transistor.

Acquired: Inherent
Function: Disruptive, Reliable
Active Slot Effect: Harm and disrupt nearby targets, exposing vulnerabilities.
Base Damage: 50
Stun Duration: 2.5s
Turn() Planning Cost: 20
Upgrade Slot Effect: Cause most functions to stun and disrupt targets.


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