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Function Statistics
Function: Flood()
Absorbed From: Royce Bracket
Base Damage: 4
Damage Radius: 120
Cooldown: 0.35
Charge Time: 0.4
Stamina Cost: 25
Range: 250

Flood() is a Function or a combat ability based on Royce Bracket of the Camerata.


Function: Obstructive, Lingering
Active Slot Effect: Project a storm sphere that disintegrates Targets in its path.
Upgrade Slot Effect: Enhance most Functions with lingering destructive effects.
Passive Slot Effect: Regenerate life points when Turn() is not recovering.


As Royce Bracket is still alive at the time this Function is obtained, it may be that the Transistor derived this Function from User data recorded by the Transistor back when Bracket was in control of the device. This could be supported by the fact that Royce's profile lists his Trace status as "Recorded", as opposed to Functions made from deceased characters, who have their status listed as "Integrated".


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