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The Transistor attempts to sing along.

By holding the Hum button when stationary, Red will stop what she's doing, cradle The Transistor, sway gently, and hum a song, which is determined by her location. A "spotlight" will also shine on her, wherever she's standing. This ability is first pointed out upon reaching The Empty Set before encountering Sybil Reisz, where Red hums a song on her former stage and triggers a cutscene. This ability can be used in almost any area (while not in combat), and generally has no effect besides a few particular situations.


  • When The Transistor is affected by the Spine, it noticeably becomes dazed. If Red hums while it is in this state, it will attempt to sing along to what she's humming. ('Think I'll go where it suits me...hmm hmmm hmmm to the Country...')
  • Upon returning to the The Empty Set, the Process has taken most of it over. While running back across the stage, The Transistor will point out that Red has "a full house," as Cluckers fill every seat and keep watch even from the rafters. If Red hums while in view of these Cluckers, they will move in time to her song, bouncing slightly.

The Music Of Transistor

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