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Function Statistics
Function: Spark()
Absorbed From: Lillian Platt
Base Damage: 60
Damage Radius: 200
Cooldown: 0.734
Charge Time: 0.2
Stamina Cost: 20
Projectiles: 1
Range: 300

Spark() is a Function or a combat ability used by Red through The Transistor. It is acquired through the absorption of Lillian Platt, and is an area of effect attack, damaging enemies caught in a relatively small range.


Acquired: Absorbed, Story
Function: Chaotic, Splitting
Active Slot Effect: Launch fast unstable shells that split into explosive particles.
Base Damage: 60
Blast Radius: 325
Turn() Planning Cost: 20
Upgrade Slot Effect: Split and subdivide most functions for greater results.
Passive Slot Effect: Spawn a Copy when attacked, diverting nearby targets.


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